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Date of Registration: 18 July 2000 Label Approval No: 52975/0600 Product Name: Brunnings Bindii & Clover Kill Selective Weed Killer Active Constituent/s: Permedust Insecticidal Dusting Powder Industrial Strength Active Constituent/s: ... View Full Source

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A367 OLD STANDBY SOLVENT CLEANER Industrial strength solvent cleaner and degreaser (20 oz can) A482 DOOM II Total soil sterilant and weed killer (inverted nozzle); ... Fetch Full Source

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2.7.13 Horny goat weed; 2.7.14 Rhubarb; 2.7.15 Seven steps to death; 2.7.16 Strychnine tree seeds; 2.7.17 Willow bark; strength, and mental alacrity to its users. ... Read Article

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Many of the cyanides in soil and water come from industrial processes. It also is used in photographic processes, to improve the strength of silks, and as a weed killer. ... Doc Retrieval

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Its very hard for the parole board to weed these individuals out when they do not cause any problems inside the prison system, The United States already incarcerates a larger fraction of its population than any other industrial nation. May the joy of the Lord be your strength. ... Read Article

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Crabgrass Preventer and Weed Killer.. Siduron. 000004-00179 Macco Industrial Strength Pyrethrin.. Piperonyl butoxide, Pyrethrins, Xylene ... Read Full Source

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(residential sewer lines are more susceptible to root problems than those in industrial areas) of 2,4-D K A Potassium Salt of the Active Ingredient LO Low Odor LV Low Volatility MF Modified Formulation T A Triazole 2X Double Strength Label For Use in Special Locations: and aquatic weed herbicide. ... Access Full Source

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I was an Industrial mechanic for 34 years ,always traveled to power plants , I didn’t like to drink alcohol at this time but weed had what seemed to be a very calming effect and believe it or not gave me the ability to focus. I also have a strength. ... Read Article

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They became three old friends who had grown up in the same small industrial town and worked in the same steel mill, and in due course would be drafted together to Vietnam. the backlash against The Deer Hunter gathered strength. ... Read Article

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industrial hemp is the greatest economic engine! everyone do me and? urselves a favor and research the commodities start tomatoes in the house too for spring i have been acused why because i like flowerrs i have long hair.I cant grow weed its a felony so i? have to buy it from criminals ... View Video