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As a last resort, a stump can be treated with ammonium sulfamate (a stump killer sold as Root Out) which will kill it and hasten its decay. ^ "Amateur products withdrawn from the market containing ammonium sulphamate". ... Read Article

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+ Diuron + Simazine Hytrol Professional Ammonium carbonate + Copper sulfate Chestnut Compound Ammonium sulphamate Deep Root, (- ammonium) Basta, Bio Weed Free, Hytrol Nettle Killer, Hytrol Nettle Killer RTU, ... Read Full Source

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Ammonium sulphamate* Asulam Clopyralid Cycloxydim 2,4-D Dicamba Dichlobenil* Dichlorprop Diquat* Ethofumesate Fluazifop-P-butyl Fluroxypyr Fosamine-ammonium Glufosinate-ammonium* Glyphosate* Imazapyr* Maleic hydrazide MCPA MCPB Mecoprop-P Non-chemical methods for weed control species such as ... Retrieve Full Source

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weed and bush killer; electroplating; generation of nitrous oxide; Contamination Limits ammonium sulfamate (Ammonium sulphamate (Ammate)) 10 20 US ... Document Viewer

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As rhododendron is very shade tolerant, it is a weed of woodlands and forests, as well as open habitats. • Ammonium*sulphamate:* Apply as a 40% solution between April and September. ... Read Document

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The chemicals that are banned are ammonium sulphamate, atrazine, dichlorophen, dichlorprop, dikegulac, lindane, malathion, paraguat, permethrin, M10874 • AgrEvo Lawn Weed Killer, ... Retrieve Doc

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Wiltshire SP3 4UF Tel 01722 337744 HEALTH AND SAFETY DATA SHEET DEEP ROOT TREE STUMP & WEED KILLER 1 Identification of Substance and Supplier Product Name: from EH 40/94 for ammonium sulphamate TWA (3hr) += 10mg/m 3. ... Fetch Doc

Westland Horticulture Ltd MSDS for Westland Weed Killer SAFETY DATA SHEET 1. EXPOSURE CONTROLS/PERSONAL PROTECTION UK Occupational Ammonium Sulphamate Exposure Standard: ... Get Doc

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It is used to flameproof textile products and paper, and as a weed killer. REASON FOR CITATION * Ammonium Sulfamate is on the Hazardous Substance List because it is regulated by OSHA and cited by ACGIH, DOT, NIOSH, HHAG and EPA. ... Read Document